AWS Application Discovery Service (discovery)


3 new actions


  • BatchDeleteAgents
    • Description:  Grants permission to BatchDeleteAgents API. BatchDeleteAgents deletes one or more agents/data collectors associated with your account, each identified by its agent ID. Deleting a data collector does not delete the previous data collected
    • Access:  Write
  • DescribeBatchDeleteConfigurationTask
    • Description:  Grants permission to DescribeBatchDeleteConfigurationTask API. DescribeBatchDeleteConfigurationTask returns attributes about a batched deletion task to delete a set of configuration items. The supplied task ID should be the task ID receieved from the output of StartBatchDeleteConfigurationTask
    • Access:  Read
  • StartBatchDeleteConfigurationTask
    • Description:  Grants permission to StartBatchDeleteConfigurationTask API. StartBatchDeleteConfigurationTask starts an asynchronous batch deletion of your configuration items. All of the supplied IDs must be for the same asset type (server, application, process, or connection). Output is a unique task ID you can use to check back on the deletions progress
    • Access:  Write